I’ve been a guitarist for about forty years and have played various acoustic and electric styles during that time. I’ve done TV work and studio recording, and have been a professional guitar teacher since 2001.  Pupils I’ve taught range in age from five-year-olds up to the over 60’s.


Electric styles I have played include Pop, Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul and Jazz fusion. My acoustic experience ranges from Spanish flamenco (my first style) to Ragtime, Folk and Blues. Besides flamenco, my other specialism is electric Blues, and lead guitar soloing in particular.


I can offer positive instruction in all important aspects of playing, and without the need to read music. Such things as:

  • Technique (fingerstyle and plectrum)
  • Understanding chords and scales
  • Soloing and improvisation                                                                                                

Whatever style you fancy or already play, contact me for a £10 introductory hour-long lesson.  I shall assess your playing, identify weak points, and demonstrate easy ways to improve and progress. Beginners of any age are welcome too, of course. I also teach BASS GUITAR up to intermediate level.


Lessons cost £18 per hour, and can be arranged as desired. I can also offer savings with courses of lessons.

My approach to teaching varies according to the pupil’s needs.  Age, experience and level of skill are all important variables to take into account.  There is also the question of which particular style the pupil might prefer to concentrate on.


With beginners, it’s primarily a matter of teaching the basic skills along with vital knowledge, such as chords. This will enable the pupil to get off the ground and experience the ‘buzz’ of being able to play a simple song or riff, for example.  This applies to any kind of guitar, and any chosen style.  Steady progress can then be built on a strong foundation.


With more advanced pupils, it’s often aimed towards helping them  overcome certain difficulties (technical and musical) that they feel are preventing them reaching the next level.  In this respect, my own experience of learning, combined with many years of ‘live’ performances,  enables me to offer what could be classed as  ‘guitar coaching’. 


This involves dealing with the many psychological hurdles that all players  encounter, as well as the various technical issues.  For example, many of my past pupils have come to me struggling with a particular problem, or having become ‘stuck in a rut’.  In most cases, the solution is simply to offer new knowledge or ideas to freshen things up and enhance the variety and quality of their playing.  This can be augmented by explanations of music theory, where appropriate, to increase the pupil’s understanding of what they are actually playing, and how music works.

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